"Dr. James Henry is a renowned researcher in the field of audiology with a particular focus on tinnitus. One of his notable contributions is the development of the Progressive Tinnitus Management program that has been adopted nationwide in both VA and Department of Defense clinics and has increasingly been extended throughout the public and private sectors to treat tinnitus. His innovative work on the treatment and management of tinnitus earned him the Rehabilitation Research and Development, 2016 Paul B. Magnuson Award, which is the highest honor for VA rehabilitation investigators. His dedication to his field has had a significant impact on the quality of life of individuals world-wide suffering from tinnitus." Harvey B, Abrams, PhD, Head, Research Audiology, Jabra Hearing, New York, NY
"In the world of ears and hearing, the topic of tinnitus is where you typically will find the most unsubstantiated opinions and data published in articles and books. It is refreshing that we now have an internationally known researcher such as Dr. Henry, who has taken his vast knowledge of the topic, and presented evidence-based information in a personally useful and reader-friendly format." H. Gustav Mueller, PhD, Professor, and author of over ten books on hearing loss, hearing aids, and related treatment strategies.
"As a consumer of clinical research, I believe Dr. Henry is one of the most unbiased and prolific Tinnitus researchers in the past 30 years." Sol Marghzar, AuD, CCCA, Doctor of audiology, Certified by American Board of audiology
"As one of the almost 3 million Veterans who suffer daily from tinnitus, I am deeply indebted to Dr. Henry for all of the research he has contributed to the field to help find better treatments. Without his efforts tools such as the TFI patient questionnaire and the Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM) framework might not be available to help patients suffering from tinnitus.

Dr. Henry's contributions to better understanding and treating tinnitus extend worldwide and he has always been gracious taking the time to answer any questions I have as a learning health network (LHN) advocate for tinnitus."
Jeffery Reagan, Founder, Tinnitus Learning Health Network
"I have been an American Tinnitus Association support group facilitator for 3 1/2 years. I can honestly and unequivocally say that Dr. James Henry is our favorite guest speaker. He has enlightened us on many complicated Tinnitus topics several times and has explained everything in a completely understandable way. His expertise on Tinnitus is beyond compare. I am proud and thrilled to call him not just my friend and colleague but my Tinnitus expert.

Dr. Henry is a very caring professional. One time he was a guest speaker at our meeting; we went overtime as everyone had questions. Dr. Henry scheduled a Part 2 the next month and came to us on Zoom even though he was on vacation with his grandchildren! Whenever I don't understand something I ask him, and the answer is always perfectly clear. Dr. Henry has devoted most of his life to helping people who are struggling with Tinnitus and we are the grateful recipients!"
Trudy Jacobson, Tucson Tinnitus Support Group Facilitator
"Dr. Henry is a true advocate for people living with tinnitus. He possesses a unique blend of subject matter expertise, deep understanding of patient concerns and experiences, and in-depth knowledge of what healthcare providers need to know to work effectively with tinnitus patients.

His insights go beyond conveying information; he creates connection, fosters genuine understanding, and empowers people with tinnitus and those seeking to help them with the necessary information and skills to rebuild life free of the burden of tinnitus. In a world filled with misinformation, Dr. Henry stands as a beacon of trustworthiness and is a reliable resource you can always count on."
Joy Onozuka, American Tinnitus Association communications officer and publisher of Tinnitus Today magazine